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How to migrate to AiSensy from your existing WhatsApp API Provider?
How to migrate to AiSensy from your existing WhatsApp API Provider?

Step-by-step process to migrate to AiSensy from your existing WhatsApp API provider

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Looking to switch to AiSensy from your current WhatsApp Business API provider?

Great decision!!

Before we begin, here are three pre-requisites you must meet to migrate from your existing WhatsApp API provider to AiSensy:

  • Ensure your WhatsApp Business Display name is approved

  • 2-Factor Authentication must be disabled

  • Your WhatsApp Business API number should be available for OTP verification

In this document, we'll cover how to:

  • Disable 2-factor authentication of your current WhatsApp API provider

  • Migrate to AiSensy from your current WhatsApp API provider

Let's discuss both of these parts in detail.

Steps to Disable 2-Factor Authentication

1. Go to Facebook Business Settings & click 'WhatsApp accounts'

First, go to Business Settings in your Facebook Business Manager by clicking this link -

Now, click on WhatsApp accounts & choose the WhatsApp Business API account you wish to migrate to AiSensy.

2. Go to Settings & click WhatsApp Manager

Next, in WhatsApp Accounts, go to settings as shown in the below image.

Here, you need to verify that your WhatsApp API provider is listed under the Payment Method.

If it's not there, don't worry! You can continue to the next step.

Now click on WhatsApp Manager.

3. Click the link under the Phone number

Now, you need to choose the Phone number you wish to migrate.

If you have multiple WhatsApp Business API accounts, choose the one you wish to migrate to AiSensy.

Note: If the phone number is not visible, go to your WhatsApp Business API provider & ask them to disable the 2-factor verification from their end.

4. Verify your Profile

Next up, verify your profile & click Two-step verification to disable 2FA.

5. Turn off the Two-step verification

Under two-step verification, click Turn off two-step verification to disable the 2 FA.

In case the Turnoff two-step verification button is greyed out, follow the step mentioned in the next section.

6. Click the link received in your Business Mail

After clicking Turn off two-step verification, you'll receive an email on your registered email ID.

Find the link to disable 2-factor authentication in your registered email ID.

7. Click disable 2FA

Disable the 2-factor authentication by clicking the button Turn off two-step verification.

8. Connect with AiSensy Support once done

Once the 2FA is disabled successfully, connect with AiSensy support via Call, WhatsApp & email to complete the migration process.

What to do if the "Turn off two-step Verification" button is greyed out?

If you haven't verified your email in Business settings, you might find the Turn-off two-step Verification button greyed out.

To enable it, you need to verify your email.

Click the verification link that'll show on the page to enable the button.

After verifying your email, you'll see the 2-Factor Authentication button enabled.

Once the 2-step verification is disabled, you can easily migrate to the AiSensy platform by following the steps listed below👇

Steps to migrate to AiSensy Platform from your existing WhatsApp API provider

1. Signup on the AiSensy App

Note: In case, you've already signed up, skip to step 4!

If you're new to AiSensy, simply go to the AiSensy sign-up Page by clicking here.

You can signup with your Google account or if you use a different business email, fill in the form.

2. Enter OTP (for Form signup only)

If you signed up by filling out the form, you'll receive an OTP on your registered email ID.

Enter it & press 'Submit' to proceed.

3. Add Personal & Company Details

  • Enter important Business details like Company Name, size, industry, billing currency & timezone so that we can customise your experience.

  • Once done, click on the “Complete Sign Up” button to proceed ahead.

4. Tap "Migrate from Vendor" to migrate from your existing WhatsApp API provider

5. A box will pop up next! Tick off all three boxes and tap "Start Migration"

6. Click on Connect to Facebook

After clicking Start Migration, you'll be redirected to another page!

To proceed with the migration process, you'll require your WhatsApp Business account ID. To find out your WABA ID, connect the Facebook account linked to your Facebook Business Manager account!

7. Next, tap "Get Started"

8. Tap on "Create a Business Portfolio"

9. Next, create new WhatsApp Business account

Under the section "Choose a WhatsApp Business account", select "Create a WhatsApp Business Account"

And select "Create a new WhatsApp Business profile" under "Create or select a WhatsApp Business Profile"

10. Name your WhatsApp Business account

Name your WhatsApp Business account. This name can be anything as it isn't visible on your WhatsApp Business API Profile.

Next, create a WhatsApp Business Display name which will be visible to your customers when they view your WhatsApp API profile.

Last, pick your business category and tap next.

11. Now, add your existing WhatsApp Business API number, select a verification method and tap next

12. Make sure that you encounter the error visible below.

In case, any other error is visible to you, contact us immediately via Live Chat or call our support number: +919811491934

13. Now, go to your Facebook Business Manager account

Click here to redirect to your Facebook Business Manager account.

Under WhatsApp accounts, search for the account you just created.

As you can see in the below image, we created the WhatsApp Business account with the name "AiSensy demo," and it's visible under WhatsApp accounts.

13. Copy your WhatsApp Business account ID visible at the top right corner

Refer to the below image for the exact placement of your WhatsApp Business account ID.

14. In AiSensy Dashboard, add the copied WhatsApp Business account ID & your existing WhatsApp API number

Tap Start Migration after adding these details.

15. Pick a verification method to verify your WhatsApp API number

16. Submit the OTP received

17. Congratulations🎉🎊 Your WhatsApp API is Live on AiSensy

That's it! If you perform all the above steps correctly, your WhatsApp Business API account will be successfully migrated to AiSensy along with your existing Broadcasting limit!

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