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Getting started with AiSensy
How to create an AiSensy Account?
How to create an AiSensy Account?

Steps to easily create an AiSensy Account for your Business

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The first step to get started with your WhatsApp Engagement Journey via AiSensy is by creating a FREE AiSensy Account.

Follow the below steps to easily create an AiSensy Account:

  1. Signup on AiSensy App


Go to AiSensy Signup Page by clicking here.

You can signup with your Google account or if you use a different business email, fill in the form.

2. Enter OTP (for Form signup only)


If you signed up by filling out the form, you'll receive an OTP on your registered mobile number.

Enter it & press 'Submit' to proceed.

3. Add Personal & Company Details

  • Enter important Business details like Company Name, size, industry, billing currency & timezone so that we can customise your experience.

  • Once done, click on the “Complete Sign Up” button to proceed ahead.

4. You've now activated the 14-Day FREE Trial

You've now entered your 14-Day FREE Trial which includes:

  • Free WhatsApp Business API Verification

  • Unlimited Monthly Active Users

  • 1000 Free WhatsApp Service Conversation Credits (User-initiated Conversations)

  • Access to all Basic Plan features.

  • Apply for FREE WhatsApp Green Tick.

Great!! You've successfully created your FREE AiSensy account. Now, you need to apply for WhatsApp Business API to unlock WhatsApp Broadcasting & all the platform features for your business.

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