How to apply for FREE WhatsApp Business API?

Stepwise explanation of how to apply for free WhatsApp API with AiSensy

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You can apply & get the WhatsApp Business API for Free with AiSensy.

AiSensy is an official WhatsApp Business Partner (BSP) helping you get hassle-free access to WhatsApp Business API in just 10 minutes.

Make sure that you have these 3 things ready before applying for the WhatsApp Business API:


    You need an active phone number that isn't currently registered with any of the WhatsApp accounts.

    You can use an old phone number too but you'll have to permanently delete the WhatsApp App/Account active on it (if any). Read here how to do it.


    You can now get WhatsApp Business API without getting your Facebook Business manager approved.

    But, you will have very limited access to WhatsApp Business API!

    So, it's recommended that you apply for Facebook Business Manager Account Verification to utilise the complete potential of WhatsApp Business API.

    With an unverified FB Business Manager account - you can only send outbound messages to 250 users/per 24 hours.

    Check out the step-by-step guide on how to get Facebook Business Manager Verified yourself.


    A Business Website is a must to get access to the WhatsApp Business API.

Once you have these 3 prerequisites ready, you can proceed with the WhatsApp Business API application by signing up on AiSensy.

Follow the below steps to apply for the WhatsApp Business API with AiSensy:

  1. Signup on AiSensy App

Go to AiSensy Signup Page by clicking here.

You can signup with your Google account or if you use a different business email, fill in the form.

2. Enter OTP (for Form signup only)

If you signed up by filling out the form, you'll receive an OTP on your registered mobile number.

Enter it & press 'Submit' to proceed.

2. Add Personal & Company Details

  • Enter important Business details like Company Name, size, industry, billing currency & timezone so that we can customise your experience.

  • Once done, click on the “Complete Sign Up” button to proceed ahead.

4. You've now activated the 14-Day FREE Trial

You've now entered your 14-Day FREE Trial which includes:

  • Free WhatsApp Business API Verification

  • Unlimited Monthly Active Users

  • 1000 Free WhatsApp Service Conversation Credits (User-initiated Conversations)

  • Access to all Basic Plan features.

  • Apply for FREE WhatsApp Green Tick.

5. Click 'Continue with Facebook' to apply for FREE WhatsApp Business API

  • Click on the “Continue with Facebook” button to start the application process of WhatsApp Business API procurement.

  • Make sure you have admin access of the Facebook Business Manager account to continue with the application.

*Note - Make sure to get your Facebook Business Manager Account verified to get complete access to WhatsApp Business API. You can get it verified simultaneously while applying for WhatsApp Business API or even after procuring the WhatsApp Business API.

7. Click 'Get started'

Clicking the button will redirect you to the Meta window where you can apply for WhatsApp Business API.

Click on the 'Get started' button to start filling out the WhatsApp Business API procurement application.

8. Connect your Facebook account with AiSensy

On the next screen, read the permissions shared & click 'Continue' to connect your Facebook account with AiSensy.

9. Select your Facebook Business Account

Next, select your Facebook Business Account which you wish to be associated with your WhatsApp Business API Account.

Reminding you again to verify this Facebook Business Account to enjoy complete access to WhatsApp Business API.

After selecting the one, click 'Continue'.

10. Fill in Legal Business Details

Fill out the WhatsApp Business API Account form carefully 👇

  • Your Legal Company Name

  • Business Phone number - This can be different from the phone number on which you need to get WhatsApp Business API.

  • Business website

  • Business email

    Press 'Continue' to proceed.

*Note - This window might not appear for a few accounts. If it doesn't, there's no need to worry! This won't have any effect on you getting approved for WhatsApp Business API.

11. Add your Business address details

Fill in official details about your company headquarters, location & press 'Continue'.

*Note - Again, this window too might not appear for a few accounts.

12. Create / Select your WhatsApp Business Account

In the next step, you'll need to create a new WhatsApp Business Account or set up an existing business account.

*Note - This is not the Display Name you need for your WhatsApp Business API that will be visible to the end users. This is just the name of your WhatsApp Business Account created inside the FB Business Manager.

To create a new Business account, add your Business name & Timezone and press 'Continue'.

13. Create a WhatsApp Business Profile

WhatsApp Display name is the name that will be visible to your users. If your Display Name is different from the Legal Name of the company, you can provide a relevant business website to proceed ahead and establish the relationship between both.

There are specific rules you must follow to create this Display Name which you can view in this WhatsApp Display Name Guide.

14. Choose the Category & add the Business Description

Pick the category most relevant for your business & add a suitable description (optional) that will be visible to customers when they click your profile button. The description can be added/changed anytime in future as well.

Once you do this, continue to the final step of your WhatsApp Business API application.

15. Verify your WhatsApp Business Number

Last, you need to enter the Phone Number on which you need to get the WhatsApp Business API. Make sure the number is connected and able to receive code via SMS or Voice for verification.

After adding your number, press 'Send Code'.

Finally, add the code you receive & press 'Submit'.

16. Your WhatsApp Business API Application is now under review

Congratulations! 🎉🎉

If you see the above screen, you've successfully applied for WhatsApp Business API.

You're one step closer to growing your business with AiSensy.

The majority of reviews are completed instantly (with 10 minutes) - only the Display Name can take max. 3-4 hours to get approved.

17. Hurray! Your WhatsApp Business API is live

The change will show in AiSensy Platform where the status of WhatsApp Business API will now show LIVE.

Well, that's the complete process you need to follow to apply for WhatsApp Business API.

Let us know if this tutorial helped you by choosing one of the feedback options below.


Q. Is there any restrictions on some companies on applying WhatsApp Business API?

Yes, there are some companies that are restricted to procure the WhatsApp Business API. These are essentially those companies that deal in illegal products & services, unsafe indigestible supplements, alcohol etc.

Check the complete document in WhatsApp Legal Commerce Policy here.

Q. What’s Facebook Business Manager and how to create one?

Facebook Business Manager is a tool that allows you to manage multiple Facebook Pages, business assets and ad accounts, as well as Instagram accounts and product catalogues, in one place.

Visit this link to create a Facebook Business Manager Account.

Q. How to get Facebook Business Manager ID verified?

Here are the steps to get the Facebook Business Manager ID verified:

1. Log in to the FB account which has admin access to the Facebook Business Manager account.

2. Visit this link and select the Business Manager (in case you have multiple Business Managers) which has the company’s page.

3. Click on the “Start Verification” button under the Business Verification section and complete the verification process by providing details of the company.

4. All the details that will be filled in this form are not at all related to the WhatsApp Business API. It’s just for the Facebook Business Manager. They both are mutually exclusive.

Note: If the “Start Verification” button is not active, jump on to the next question! 👇

Q. What if the “Start Verification” button is inactive?

If you haven't completely added your 'Business Information' to your Facebook Business Manager Account, chances are:

1. When you apply for Facebook Business Verification, the business is greyed out & isn't clickable.


2. The button isn't visible.

Don't worry, it's very common and you can enable it by filling out your Business information.

Here's what you need to do to enable the 'Start Verification' Button for Facebook Business Verification👇‍

Q. Why should I apply for WhatsApp Business API with AiSensy?

AiSensy is an official WhatsApp Business Partner helping you get quick access to WhatsApp Business API & grow your business with the smartest WhatsApp Engagement Suite across the globe.

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