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How to connect WhatsApp Payments with AiSensy?
How to connect WhatsApp Payments with AiSensy?

Detailed step by step process to connect WhatsApp Payments with AiSensy & collect payments right on WhatsApp

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WhatsApp Payments is a payment feature launched by AiSensy in collaboration with Meta, allowing businesses to collect payments directly within WhatsApp through UPI (Gpay, Paytm, Phonepe), Cards (debit/ credit cards) and Net Banking by seamlessly connecting Razorpay, PayU & other Payment gateways with AiSensy.

Businesses already using WhatsApp Payments are collecting 23% more payments and reducing dropoffs by 35% as compared to sending the users on web payment portal via links.

Follow these steps to connect WhatsApp payments with AiSensy and start collecting payments right on WhatsApp.

Note: Currently, Meta only offers WhatsApp Payments integration for Razorpay & PayU. We'll enable more integrations as soon as they're available from Meta's end.

Pre-requisites for WhatsApp Pay Integration

  • An approved WhatsApp Business API number

  • Payment Gateway such as Razorpay, PayU & others

  • Admin access of AiSensy & Razorpay/ PayU payment gateway

How to connect WhatsApp Payments with AiSensy?

1. Go to WhatsApp Pay & tap on "Accept Pricing & get started"

AiSensy offers a Zero setup fee for WhatsApp Payments! However, there are fixed charges for each payment you collect via WhatsApp payments using AiSensy.

You can checkout the platform fee per transaction cost in the below screenshot.

Once you've checked out the transaction fee, accept the pricing to get started.

2. Now, under settings tap 'Add Payment Method'

3. On the next screen, click 'New Configuration'

4. Tap 'Get Started'

5. Choose your current payment gateway you wish to connect with AiSensy and press Next

This will be the payment gateway used to collect payments from customers on WhatsApp.

Currently, we offer WhatsApp Payment integration with Razorpay and PayU payment gateways.

Integrations with other payment gateways will go live soon.⚡

6. Give your WhatsApp Payment Integration a unique name and select the Merchant Category code (MCC)

You can enter any name you want under Payment Configuration name.

Next, you need to add your Merchant Category Code (MCC) & Purpose Code which you can get from your payment gateway.

After adding the required information, click Next.

For reference, view the below screenshot.

Note: Kindly add the Merchant category code that suits your business. Don't fill the same code mentioned in the below screenshot. It's just for your reference.

7. Add your Meta account password and click confirm

8. Tap Connect Now and click Next

Clicking next will take you to Razorpay.

9. Tap authorize to connect Razorpay as your payment gateway for WhatsApp Payment integration

In case you've selected PayU as your payment gateway, the steps and process will stay the same.

10. After authorizing your payment gateway, copy the Payment Configuration name from your Facebook account

11. Come back to AiSensy Dashboard, enter the Payment Configuration ID and press Save

12. Next, select the payment gateway you wish to connect with AiSensy

13. Last up, tap 'Create Order message' to create payment messages that will be used to collect payments directly on WhatsApp

14. Setup the Payment template message

Follow the same steps you do while creating a WhatsApp template message. Add the Template name, choose your product type, template body.

Now, add the tax rate that you wish to charge the user. You can select whether the price of your product is tax-inclusive or tax-exclusive.

If you choose tax inclusive, tax won't be charged while if you choose tax exclusive here, tax will be charged from the user.

You can also add the expiry duration of your payment link (in seconds). If you add 300 here, your payment link will expire after 5 minutes.

15. Add Tax information

In case you wish to levy tax on your products, add the tax rate, tax description (GST or other taxes), shipping charges (in Rupees) & the discount amount (fixed or in percentage).

Verify your message & press Submit.

Congratulations!! Your WhatsApp Payment process has been configured successfully ⚡️

Unique WhatsApp Payment Features

1. Track Payment Status in Campaigns & Retarget Effortlessly

You can easily monitor pending & successful payments in a campaign and further send retargeting campaigns to users who failed to complete the payment.

Using this feature has helped our clients collect 23% more payments and reduce dropoffs by 35%.

Tip: Focus on your communication. Try creating FOMO to convince the user to complete the purchase.

2. Send Payment messages via Live Chat & Chatbot Flows

Not only can you broadcast payment messages to all users, you can shoot payment messages to individual users directly from Live chat & chatbot flows.

3. Verify Payment status from User Profile

You can easily verify payment status of customers individually from the payments section under the user profile of a customer.

4. View All Payments Received in One Unified Dashboard

Monitor status of all payments that are received/ pending under one single unified dashboard.

WhatsApp Payments Use Cases

Here are a few use cases you can achieve with WhatsApp Payments:

  • E-commerce: Businesses can enable users to add products to their cart & make the payment right within WhatsApp, streamlining the checkout process.

  • Fintech: Businesses can automate payments for services and accounts associated with them

  • Online Classes & Workshops: Tutors and trainers can instantly collect course fees using WhatsApp Payments.

  • Freelancers & Consultants: Professionals can request payments for their services right after a consultation or project completion.

  • Restaurants & Takeaways: Customers can pay for their orders directly through WhatsApp, making the ordering process smoother.

  • Event Organizers: Organizers of events can easily collect payments for event tickets or reservations.

  • Subscription Services: Businesses can send recurring payment reminders & collect payments on WhatsApp, ensuring 3x more timely payments from subscribers.

  • Donations: NGOs and charitable organizations can collect donations seamlessly within WhatsApp via WhatsApp Payments

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