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What if the Facebook "Start Verification" button is Greyed out/isn't visible?
What if the Facebook "Start Verification" button is Greyed out/isn't visible?
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If you haven't completely added your 'Business Information' to your Facebook Business Manager Account, chances are:

1. When you apply for Facebook Business Verification, the business is greyed out & isn't clickable.


2. The button isn't visible.

Don't worry, it's very common and you can enable it by filling out your Business information.

Here's what you need to do to enable the 'Start Verification' Button for Facebook Business Verification in case it's greyed out or isn't visible in your Facebook Business Manager👇‍

How to enable the "Start Verification" Button?

  1. Go to Facebook Business Security Center

    Updated image of Facebook Business Center

Click here to go to Facebook Business Security Center.

As you can see in the image on the right, the 'Start Verification' Button currently does not show.

👇‍Below are the steps you need to do to enable the 'Start Verification' Button.

Note: Follow the same steps to resolve Start Verification Button greyed out/not visible.

2. Attach Facebook Page with Business Manager Account

Attach Facebook Page of Business

First, go to 'Pages' & add the Facebook Page of your business.

If you already have a Facebook Page setup, skip to the next step.

You should only add/ choose a page on which you are a current admin.

Otherwise, you wouldn't be able to apply for the Facebook Business Verification.

3. Go to Apps

Go to Apps

Now, go to Apps and click the 'Add' button.

If you find the 'Create a new App ID' button to be locked, do this👇‍

Hover the cursor over it & press the 'Confirm Account' Button to unlock it.

Clicking the 'Confirm Account' button will open a new tab👇‍

4. Confirm your Account

Untitled design   2022 02 14t162449.282

Press 'Continue' to confirm the account.

This will open another screen where you need to check the 'I agree' box and confirm your email ID.

Add your business email ID where you want to receive communication from the Facebook team.

Last, choose the best option that describes you. You can choose, "Owner & Founder", if you're the founder and press, "Complete Registration".

5. Create App

Untitled design   2022 02 14t164438.785

Clicking the 'Confirm Application' Button will redirect you to a new page as shown in the image to the left.

Click, 'Create App' & follow the next step👇‍

6. Choose App

Untitled design   2022 02 14t170005.232

In this step, choose the App type that fits your business.

We've chosen 'Business' (recommended). Once you choose the app type, click 'Next'.

7. Add Business Display Name

Untitled design   2022 02 14t170641.375

Here, add the Business Display name.

This isn't the final Display Name of your Business. It's the app name associated with your App ID.

Once you do this, add your email address & press 'Create App'.

You'll be asked to add your Facebook Password. Confirm it & you'll be redirected to another screen.

8. Your app has been created

After creating the app, go to and click on "Security Center".

Refresh the page & your "Start Verification" button will be visible.

If the start verification button is still not visible, simply follow the steps mentioned below👇

Facebook Start Verification Button Active

9. Go to App Review

Untitled design   2022 02 14t174726.413

On the next screen, choose 'App Review' & click 'Permissions and Features'.

10. Request Advanced Access

Untitled design   2022 02 14t175542.127

Next, type 'Live Video API' in the search box & click 'Request Advanced Access'.

11. Continue the Request

Untitled design   2022 02 14t175839.076

Click 'Continue the request' as shown in the image to the right.

12. Review App Settings

Review your App Settings

On the next screen, scroll down & click on 'Review App Settings'.

13. Fill out the necessary fields to submit your Application

Untitled design   2022 02 14t180702.680

Next, you'll be asked to fill in a few fields to submit your application.

You can skip adding the icon of your website in this form.

In the Privacy Policy URL, add the URL of your website as shown in the image on the right.

In the app category, choose 'Business and Pages'.

Last, click 'Save' & submit.

14. Go to Basic Settings

Untitled design   2022 02 14t181110.338

Next up, go to settings & choose 'Basic'.

15. Add App Icon

Untitled design   2022 02 14t181417.688

In Basic Settings, scroll down & add your App Icon.

You can add any app icon. Make sure the dimensions match the requirement (Between 512x512 to 1024x1024).

You can change the app icon later on as well.

16. Select the desired platform

Untitled design   2022 02 14t181817.187

After adding the 'App Icon', scroll down & choose 'Add Platform'.

Select 'Website' & press 'Next'.

17. Add your Website URL

Untitled design   2022 02 14t182259.294

If you chose 'Website' as your desired platform, add the URL of your website & press 'Save Changes'.

18. Under App Review, click 'Requests'

Untitled design   2022 02 14t182642.174

Next, go to App Review and click 'Requests'.

19. Edit App Review Requests

Untitled design   2022 02 14t183330.193

Click 'edit' in App review requests as shown in the image on the right.

20. Click 'Provide Verification Details'

Untitled design   2022 02 14t183705.228

Scroll down and click on 'Provide Verification details'.

21. Add One-liner for your business

Add Business Description

Add information about your website in one line as shown in the above image.

The above text is a sample one🙂. Add a unique text that matches your company profile.

Copy it for the next step & press 'Save'.

22. Click the field below 'Provide Verification details'

Untitled design   2022 02 14t184304.316

Click on the field below 'Provide verification details' as shown in the image on the left.

23. Fill in your Business Information

Fill Business Verification

Copy-paste the exact one-line description of your business you added in the above step.

Next, add a small video (around 10 seconds) as a demo of your business.

The video need not be related to your business. But, keep it short so that it uploads fast.

Next, check the 'If Approved' field and press 'Save'.

24. Click "Submit for Review"

Submit for FB Business Verification

Last, click 'Submit for review' on the next screen. It will ask for your Facebook Password. Confirm and press 'Submit'.

25. Magic Done🙂

Facebook Start Verification Button Active

Go back to 'Facebook Business Security Settings' by clicking here.

In the beginning, the 'Start Verification' button was not there.

Now, you'll now see that the 'Start Verification' appears & is clickable. Click it to begin your Facebook Business Manager Verification process.


Q. Is Facebook Business Manager Verification necessary?

You can now get WhatsApp Business API without getting your Facebook Business manager approved.

But, you will have very limited access to WhatsApp API!

So, it's recommended that you apply for Facebook Business Verification if you want to utilize the complete potential of WhatsApp Business API for your Business.

This process usually takes up to 2 - 7 days. After getting the Facebook Business Manager Id verified, we start applying for WhatsApp Business API.

Q. What’s Facebook Business Manager and how to create one?

Facebook Business Manager is a tool that allows you to manage multiple Facebook Pages, business assets and ad accounts, as well as Instagram accounts and product catalogues, in one place.

Visit this link to create a Facebook Business Manager Account.

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