How to verify Facebook Business Manager Account?

Step-by-step guide to verify your Facebook Business Manager Account to apply for WhatsApp API

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You can now get WhatsApp Business API without getting your Facebook Business manager approved.

But, you will have very limited access to WhatsApp API!

So, it's recommended that you apply for Facebook Business Verification if you want to utilize the complete potential of WhatsApp Business API for your Business.

But, make sure you have these documents ready to verify your Facebook Business Manager Account:

  • Legal details of your business (business name, address, contact info)

  • A legal document containing the Legal Name of the Business as well as Legal Address, preferably GST or Bank Account Statement.

  • A working website for your business. The website must mention at its footer the exact Legal Business Name (as cited in the documents).

  • Proof of access to the business such as an official Business email (email with the same domain of your website).

Note- Images of your document must be clear, in colour, and show the whole document.

Now, let's go ahead & verify your Facebook Business Manager Account.

Step to verify Facebook Business Manager Account

  1. Go to Facebook Business Manager

Click here to redirect to the Facebook Business Manager Page.

This will open a new tab on your Facebook Business Account.

2. Choose a Facebook Business Manager Account

If you already have a business manager account, choose the account on which you want to get your WhatsApp Business API. If you do not have a Facebook Business Manager account, you can create one by clicking here.

Note: If you have just one Facebook Business Manager Account, your business setting will open automatically.

3. Create a Facebook Business Manager Account (if not already created)

If you already have a Facebook business account, select it. If you don't, you can create one by clicking here.

4. Go to Security Center

From Facebook Business Settings, choose the 'Security Center' Page.

Refer to the image on the right to know its location.

5. Click the 'Start Verification' Button

In security settings, click 'Start Verification'

Hack Note: If the ‘Start Verification’ button is greyed/disabled (like the image above), you must follow some steps to enable it.

Click here to know how to enable the 'Start Verification' button if it doesn't appear or is greyed out.

6. Click Get Started

If you can see your Start Verification Button, click it & press 'Get started' on the next screen (as shown in the image above).

7. Select Country

In this step, select the country where your business is primarily based.

8. Fill in Organization Details

Carefully fill in your Organization's details!

In the name section, fill in the Exact Name mentioned in your legal document.

In the address, write the Same Address as mentioned in your legal document. Adding a different one might cause problems with your approval from Facebook.

In the address row, be sure to add only the location of your business and not the state & Pincode.

E.g. If your address is 3013, Chandni Chowk, Sita Ram Bazar, Old Delhi, 110006.

Then, only add '3013, Chandni Chowk, Sita Ram Bazar' in the address row.

Add Delhi in City & State and 110006 in Pincode.

Add the Town, State & Pincode in the next row as shown in the above image.

In phone number, it's not necessary to add your WhatsApp Business API number.

You can add any other business number you wish to receive communication from on Facebook.

Last, add the URL to your website. This website should contain the business's legal name at the footer so that facebook verifies that this business is linked with the legal name.

9. Choose your company or click 'Organization not listed'

Once you submit all the details, Facebook verifies which all companies match the entered details.

Choose only the company with the exact matching details with your business.

You should also have your business phone number for verification.

Even if your organization's not listed, don't worry. Click 'Organization not listed' & proceed to the next step.

10. Add supporting Documents for your Business

If in the previous step, your business wasn't listed, add supporting documents to verify your business. Make sure to upload the same document in both places to avoid confusion.

11. Choose a Contact Method

Note: Email is the recommended source of contact and improves your chances of getting verified.

Add your official business email ID with your same domain name (e.g. & press next.

If you don't have a registered email ID with your domain name, choose phone or text for verification.

12. Verify the sent code

Last, verify the code sent to your Email ID or enter the OTP sent via text or phone.

13. Apply & get approval for WhatsApp Business API (in 10 Minutes)

Apply for the WhatsApp Business API with AiSensy & get approval as fast as 10 minutes.

You also get to try out the AiSensy platform via a 14-Day FREE Trial with features:

  • Engage with 2000 Monthly Active Users

  • Access to all premium AiSensy features

  • Free approval for WhatsApp Business API


Q. Is Facebook Business Manager Verification necessary?

Facebook Business Verification is mandatory for us to get you approved for WhatsApp Business API Approval.

This process usually takes up to 2 - 7 days. After getting the Facebook Business Manager Id verified, we start applying for WhatsApp Business API.

Q. What’s Facebook Business Manager and how to create one?

Facebook Business Manager is a tool that allows you to manage multiple Facebook Pages, business assets and ad accounts, as well as Instagram accounts and product catalogues, in one place.

Visit this link to create a Facebook Business Manager Account.

Q. What if the “Start Verification” button is inactive?

At times, the Start Verification button is inactive or doesn't show.

Check out this tutorial If the 'Start Verification' Button is inactive.

Q. Why did Facebook reject my Business Account Verification?

  • Legal Name Document & Address Proof Document have different addresses – Please make sure all documents have the exact same address.

  • Business Legal Name is not mentioned on the website submitted.

  • Business Email Address not used during verification – It is advised to use the business email address for Facebook Business Verification.

Q. How long does Facebook Business Verification take?

If everything goes with the Facebook policies, your business manager will get approved in 2-3 Days. You can also check your status in Security Center.

This will help in unlocking more awesome features such as WhatsApp business API access. To apply for WhatsApp Business APIs, you can visit AiSensy or schedule a demo with us.

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