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Dunning Policy (Payment Reminder)
Dunning Policy (Payment Reminder)

What happens when your Credit Card payment fails in AiSensy App

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Q What is Dunning in AiSensy App?

When your payment fails in AiSensy App, you begin seeing a reminder in the AiSensy App to complete the payment to continue using AiSensy services.

This usually happens when a customer doesn’t have enough funds in their account to make a purchase or their credit card has been declined.

AiSensy provides you with 5 Repayment tries after which your account gets suspended & the project will be deleted.

Q How many payment retries are made?

In total, 5 payment retries are attempts if any payment is failed.

Following the first failed attempt, the retries are made after,

  • 1 day- From the first attempt

  • 3 days- From the first attempt

  • 9 days- From the first attempt

  • 15 days- From the first attempt

  • 21 days- From the first attempt

Q What will happen after 1st retry?

On 1st retry of payment, there won't be many changes except for the 'Pay now' button that would be visible in your Dashboard. Using this button, you can pay your dues.

All functions will continue to work after 1st payment retry.

Users will get a chance for 3 more days to update the valid payment methods with sufficient funds.

Q What will happen after 2nd retry?

3 days after the 1st payment retry, Users will continue seeing the 'Pay now' section on the dashboard.

Using this they can immediately clear due payments or can update valid payment methods and wait for the next retry.

Upon failing to pay a 2nd time, the users would still be able to use all Dashboard features.

Q What will happen after 3rd retry?

Upon 3rd payment retry, Users will be restricted from using the dashboard and ongoing campaigns will stop immediately.

However incoming messages are saved, so the user still has the last chance to clear their dues and reactivate the account.

Q What will happen after the 4th retry?

On the 4th payment fail & Retry, your ongoing plan will stop functioning. This happens 15 days after the initial payment retry.

All further services will stop & your WhatsApp Business API Account is scheduled to be deleted.

You must clear your overdues to STOP your WABA account from being deleted.

Q What will happen after the 5th retry?

Failing a 5th & final time will automatically erase your WABA account from existence. This will happen 21 days after the initial payment retry.

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