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How to see the Analytics of a WhatsApp Campaign?

To see how your WhatsApp Campaign performed or are performing, go to the “Campaigns” Page of the AiSensy Platform. There you can see a list of all the WhatsApp Campaigns sent to the users. Click on any Campaign to view its analytics. By clicking a Campaign, you 'll see the analytics of the particular WhatsApp Campaign.

Where can I see the status of all my WhatsApp Campaigns?

The status of all the WhatsApp Campaigns can be seen by going to the Campaigns Page of the AiSensy Dashboard. Status simply means is the campaign Sent, Live, etc. Along with the Status, the Campaign Type- API or Broadcast, Created At, Audience size it was sent to and how many it was submitted to is also mentioned.

What all metrics one can see in the Campaign Analytics?

Following are the metrics one can see in the Campaign Analytics-

1. Status: This shows the current status of the WhatsApp Campaign. SENT for sent campaigns, LIVE for ongoing and running, STOPPED for the campaigns which are stopped and PAUSED for which are on hold.

2. Type: This shows whether a particular campaign is a Broadcast Campaign or an API Campaign.

3. Audience Size: This shows the total number of users to whom a campaign is triggered.

4. Message Type: This shows whether the message is a Regular Message or a Template Message. A template message can be sent to both Active and Inactive Users whereas a regular message can be sent to only Active Users.

5. Sent: This shows the total number of users to whom a campaign is being sent. This number may be indifferent to the Audience Size since there is a possibility of Phone Numbers that are not on WhatsApp and are considered in the Audience Size.

6. Delivered: This shows the total number of users to whom the WhatsApp campaign is delivered. This simply means the users have received the message on their WhatsApp.

7. Read: This shows the total number of users who have seen and read the WhatsApp message.

8. Failed: This shows the total number of users to whom the WhatsApp campaign isn’t sent. It may be due to the non-availability of a WhatsApp account on that number or the user might have blocked the Official WhatsApp Business API number of the business.

How to stop any running campaign?

Go to the Campaigns Page and open the API Campaign which you need to Stop or Pause.

Under Status, there is a pencil icon to change the status of the campaign. You can Stop or Pause the campaign from there. Remember, if you Stop the campaign, you won’t be able to restart the same campaign. You’ll have to create a new API Campaign from the Campaigns Page in case you want to start the campaign again.

Does one gets charged for Failed Messages also?

No. You won't be charged for the failed messages. Only sent messages are charged.

WhatsApp Retargeting Campaigns

WhatsApp Retargeting Campaigns allow you to retarget a particular set of users by sending them a WhatsApp Broadcast Campaign.

Now, let's say you wish to Broadcast a message:

  • To only those who have Read your previous campaign or

  • To those who responded to the Broadcast with a particular reply

  • Users to whom the previous message was delivered but didn't read it!

You can do it in a jiffy with WhatsApp Retargeting Campaigns.

Here's how these sections appear in AiSensy App.

Campaigns Page Overview

This feature saves you time as well as money by helping you send retargeting WhatsApp Broadcast campaigns to the most relevant audience group.

How to use WhatsApp Retargeting Campaigns in AiSensy App?

Here, we'll tell you how to get started with WhatsApp Retargeting Campaigns in AiSensy App.

You can send a WhatsApp Broadcast from the Contacts Page or Campaigns Page. We've discussed this in detail in this WhatsApp Broadcasting Quick start guide.

For now, we'll show you how to shoot a WhatsApp Broadcast from Contacts Page & then send a retargeting Broadcast Campaign.

1. Go to Contacts Page

First, go to Contacts Page & select / filter contacts to whom you want to shoot the WhatsApp Broadcast.

Retargeted WhatsApp Broadcasting for particular reply (2)-apcqs

2. Shoot WhatsApp Broadcast

After selecting contacts, hit the Broadcast button & fill in the Campaign Name, choose from a pre-approved message template & fill in the parameters.

Last, hit 'Send Now'.

Shoot Broadcast Campaign-xd2xz

3. Go to Campaigns Page

Then, go to Campaigns Page & click the latest Campaign you sent to view its analytics.

It will open to a screen like this👇


Retargeting Broadcast Campaign to users who read your WhatsApp Broadcast

Retargeting Users who read your delivered WhatsApp Broadcast

Retargeting Users who read your delivered WhatsApp Broadcast

1. Go to the 'Delivered' Section.

2. Tick the checkbox 'has read'.

3. Select the names of people whom you want to send the Retargeting WhatsApp Broadcast.

4. Click the Broadcast button.

Perform the same drill to send Retargeting WhatsApp Broadcast Campaign i.e. Add Campaign Name👉 Choose a pre-approved message template👉 Click 'Send Now'.

Note - Campaign name will be there by default when you click 'Broadcast Button'. You can customize it based on your use case.

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