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AiSensy 14-Day FREE Trial FAQs

This doc answers all your Free trial FAQs for WhatsApp Business API

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How many FREE AiSensy trials can I claim?

You can only claim one FREE trial per account. You can, however, create multiple projects with limited WhatsApp Conversation Credits (WCCs) in one account.

How to claim AiSensy FREE Trial?

To claim your FREE trial, click here & signup using your Gmail account. The trial plan is automatically activated for the first project of the account, whenever a new account signs up on the AiSensy platform.

For how many days does the trial last?

AiSensy offers you a 14-Day FREE Trial with all premium features. The trial will automatically exhaust in 14 days from the day of beginning.

What will happen if my trial is over?

  • Once the trial period exhausts, you need to purchase a plan to continue using AiSensy App. Click here to view pricing plans.

  • If a valid payment card is added to your account, then the base plan is activated automatically.

  • If no payment detail is added, then the project moves to the STOPPED state.

How can I add a payment method?

  • Go to the Billings Page in the Manage section.

  • Add your preferred payment method (Recommended- Credit Card)

  • Make sure to add a billing address before adding your payment details.

How do I upgrade my Plan?

You can upgrade to any monthly/ yearly plan by clicking the UPGRADE button in the Dashboard or Billing section as shown in the above image.

What will happen to my trial, when I upgrade the plan?

At the end of the 14th day of your trial:

  • The trial will stop immediately.

  • The new billing cycle will start (if you've chosen a monthly/ yearly plan)

  • The remaining Free MAC from the trial period is lost.

If you haven't added a payment method, your project will stop immediately after the trial. You can unlock it by purchasing a monthly/ year plan. Check out the pricing plans here.

If for any reason, you wish to opt-out of the trial, here's what you need to do👇‍

How do I cancel my trial?

If you're in a trial period and don't want to use the platform anymore, you can exit the platform without paying any charges.

  • If you have not added any payment methods, you don't need to do anything. The trial will stop automatically after the 14-Day period.

  • If you have added a payment method, you'll have to Cancel Plan, from the billings section.

The project will continue to function until the trial ends and will be stopped without any charges.

Note** This is a scheduled cancel, so you can remove this scheduled cancellation and continue to use the platform after term-end.

- You can Remove Scheduled Cancel from the same place cancelled.

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