How to connect Kylas with AiSensy?

Step-by-step guide to connect Kylas CRM with AiSensy

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Wish to connect with customers on WhatsApp directly via Kylas CRM?

You can do this easily with AiSensy – The Smartest WhatsApp Engagement Platform.

By connecting Kylas with AiSensy, you’ll be able to:

  • Broadcast messages on WhatsApp to Unlimited users directly via Kylas CRM

  • Respond to users on WhatsApp via Live Chat in Kylas CRM

Steps to connect your Kylas CRM with AiSensy?

1. Go to Kylas Marketplace

To connect your Kylas CRM with AiSensy, first, go to Kylas Marketplace.

Tap the three lines on the top left section to switch to Kylas Marketplace.

In the Marketplace, find AiSensy in the top row & click on the app.

2. Click “Install App

3. Sign in to your Kylas CRM

4. On the next screen, scroll down & click “Allow to Install” for AiSensy App

5. In AiSensy App, go to Integrations

  1. If you are already an existing AiSensy user & are approved for WhatsApp Business API, go to the Integrations page.

  2. If you're a new user, you'll first need to signup to AiSensy & apply for WhatsApp Business API. Use this link to signup for AiSensy App -

6. On the Integrations page, click on “Kylas"

7. Next, go to “Get Started”, as shown in the below image

8. Enter your Kylas Username, Password & API Key

  1. If you don’t” have your Kylas API key, follow the next step to get it from the Kylas CRM.

9. In Kylas CRM, switch to Sales & locate your API Key under the Integrations page as shown in below image

10. Paste the API key inside AiSensy App & press “Submit”

11. Next, go to All Apps in Kylas CRM & press “Open App” to open AiSensy app

12. Under Installed Apps, press “View details” for AiSensy App

13. Enter your Kylas credentials to log in to AiSensy

14. Let’s send your first WhatsApp Broadcast directly from Kylas CRM. Go to the Contacts page as shown in the below image

15. Select the contacts you wish to send a Broadcast on WhatsApp

16. Create a new Campaign & select a pre-approved WhatsApp Template message

If you haven’t submitted your Template message for approval, go to AiSensy App, create a new Template message & submit it for approval.

17. Once you’ve sent the Campaign, go to the Campaigns page to view analytics for all your sent Campaigns

18. Below is how you’ll see the analytics in AiSensy App. You can monitor the delivery, sent, read, replied, and clicked rates for your WhatsApp Broadcasts

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