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How to transfer Chats from one Agent to another?
How to transfer Chats from one Agent to another?

This doc describes how Owners & Managers can manually transfer chats to different agents

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Owners & Managers now have access to easily take over chat access from an agent, transfer chats from one agent to another & monitor chat quality with the latest 'Agent Assignment' feature.

In this doc, we'll tell you how owners & managers can quickly transfer chats to agents or takeover chats from them.

If you don't know how to create agents in AiSensy App, check this doc first.

How to transfer Chats to Multiple Agents?

  1. Go to Live Chat in AiSensy App

  2. Open Intervened Chats Section

  3. Click the Chat you wish to transfer to another agent

    In the above image, you can see that currently the chat has been intervened by 'demoag3576'.

    Here, you can stay incognito & monitor the chat taking place to evaluate the agent's performance.

    Now, let's say you wish to transfer the chat to another agent.

    Here's how you can do it.

  4. Press the 'Take over' button

    To transfer the chat, you first need to take over chat access from the agent.

    Click 'Take Over' to transfer the chat access to your side.

  5. Chat access transferred to you

    After clicking the 'Take Over' button, your chatbox will open & the agent will lose access to the chat, as shown in the above image.

  6. Click the 'Transfer to' Dropdown & choose Agent to transfer the chat

    Now that you have complete access to the chat, press the 'Transfer to' menu to choose the agent whom you wish to take control of the chat.

  7. Chat successfully transferred to another agent

    As you can see in the above image, the chat has been transferred to another agent 'Kamlakshi_demo_account'.

    From here, the agent 'Kamlakshi_demo_account' will be able to take over the chat & respond to the customer's query.

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