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How to add Agents & Managers to AiSensy App?
How to add Agents & Managers to AiSensy App?

Know how you can add agents & managers to your projects in AiSensy App.

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There are two types of Agents in the AiSensy App:

1. Live Chat Agent- Live Chat Agents only have permission to intervene & respond to chats in AiSensy App. Also, they have access to modify user profiles on the Live Chat & History Page.

2. Managers- Managers, on the other hand, can overlook everything and shoot WhatsApp Broadcasts & API campaigns.

As the owner, You can add multiple agents & assign roles to those agents in AiSensy App easily.

In this tutorial, you'll know how to assign roles to managers & agents in AiSensy App.

Steps to create Agents & Managers in AiSensy App

  1. Go to Agents Page in Manage Section

    Only the owner can add Managers & Agents to AiSensy App.

    Once you have the owner's access, go to the Agents Page in Manage Section.

2. Click 'Add Agents'

Now, click 'Add Agents' as shown in the image on the right 👉

3. Fill Agent Details

Clicking this will open a pop-up box where you need to fill in the details of your agents.

These details include:

1. User Name- This is the name the agent will use to log in to AiSensy App. E.g. Shivam411.

2. Display Name- The Display Name is the name of the agent that will appear in the AiSensy App.

3. Password- Add a login password for your agent to log in to AiSensy App

After adding the details, press ‘Create’.

4. Assign Roles

The final step involves assigning roles & responsibilities to the Agents. You can either assign 'Agents' or 'Managers' in AiSensy App.

Click the dropdown button as shown in the image on the right & assign them roles accordingly.


Q. How to change Agent Login Password?

If you forget your password, don’t worry- you can change it easily.

To change the User Password, go to your profile & click ‘Edit’. Change the password and re-enter the latest password to confirm the change.

Q. How many agent dashboards can I use in the AiSensy Platform?

You can have unlimited agents answering customer queries 24×7 with the AiSensy platform.

You can create upto 5 Free Agents in Free Trial & Unlimited Agents with all paid plans.

Q. Can the Agent make changes to the User Profile on History Page?

Yes, the Agents can make changes in the User Profile by adding/removing Tags. Only the intervention can not be done.

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