How to assign Agent Rules?

This doc lets you in on how you can restrict agents to view particular chats by assigning Agent Rules.

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You can now have agents resolve chats of only selected users with the latest 'Agent Rules' feature.

With the 'Agent Rules' feature, you can assign a particular attribute to an Agent & the agent will only be able to view chats that match the attribute.

Here's an example - Let's say you have 100 Chats in Live Chat and only 20 of those chats have the tag 'Demo'. Now, you assign the tag 'Demo' to the Agent.

What do you think will happen?

By assigning this tag, the agent will now only be able to view & resolve chats that contain the 'Demo' tag in them.

The agent will only be able to view & resolve the 20 chats having the tag 'demo'.

Here's how you can add an attribute to Agents 👇

1. Go to Manage & click on the Agents section

2. Click the Filter Icon

You'll see a Filter shaped icon only on agents. Click this to assign particular Agent Rules.

3. Assign the Agent Rule by choosing an attribute

Upon clicking the filter icon, this box will pop up. Enter the attribute using which you wish to assign agent rules.

Here, assign the attribute to the agent that you've assigned to the chats you wish them to view & resolve.

In the above image, we've assigned the attribute 'Tags'. Now, the agent will only view users who have the tag 'Demo'.

Let's take a different attribute to understand this better.

So, let's suppose you wish for the agent to resolve queries of users who have the attribute 'Ecommerce Industry'.

Select the filter 'Industry' & choose Ecommerce.

That's it!

The agent will only view users who filled 'Ecommerce' under Industry.

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