Wish to connect your Woocommerce store with AiSensy to automate useful notifications like Order confirmation, delivery updates, payment reminders & more?

To connect your Shopify store with AiSensy, you need to do these two things:

  • Get Secret Keys from WooCommerce Store

  • Setup WooCommerce store in AiSensy App

In this doc, we've covered how to create the Secret API Keys needed to connect your Shopify store to AiSensy.

How to Create Secret API Keys from WooCommerce?

Here are the steps you need to follow to generate the WooCommerce Secret API keys:

1. Go to WooCommerce Dashboard & reach the 'All Users' page

First, go to your WooCommerce Admin Dashboard & under Users, pick all users.

2. 'Add New' user

Next, click Add New to add a new user.

3. Add the same Credentials mentioned below

On the next page, add the exact same credentials mentioned below in the required fields:

Username: AiSensy

First Name: AiSensy
Role: Shop Manager

After adding these details, press Add New User.

4. Go to WooCommerce Store

After adding AiSensy as a user, go to the WooCommerce store as shown in the image below.

5. Go to 'Advanced'

In WooCommerce, go to Advanced.

6. In Advance, go to 'Rest API'

Under advanced, go to Rest API.

7. Click 'Add Key'

Now, click on Add Key to create your Secret API Key.

8. Add the same Credentials mentioned below

Again, add the exact same credentials mentioned below in the required fields:

Description: AiSensy
User: AiSensy (#606 - cloud.aisensy@gmail.com)

Permissions: Read/ Write

After adding these credentials, click Generate API Key.

9. Your Secret API Keys are created successfully

After clicking Generate API Key, two new keys will generate on the next screen: Consumer Key & Consumer secret key.

Your Secret API keys are now generated.

Note: Ensure that you copy these keys as you only see them once. If you fail to copy them, you'll have to follow all the steps again!

Now, let's integrate your WooCommerce store with AiSensy.

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