How to create Free WhatsApp Link?

Guide to create FREE WhatsApp Link clicking which brings users to your WhatsApp

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A WhatsApp Link is basically a link to your WhatsApp, clicking which will redirect the user to your WhatsApp Business. From there, you can engage them in a 1:1 conversation using AiSensy, answer all their queries & convert them into a customer.

How to create your Free WhatsApp Link for your numbers?

You can generate your own unique Free WhatsApp Link with AiSensy for FREE. To create this link, head to the WhatsApp Link Generator Tool and follow the below-mentioned steps:

1. Add your WhatsApp number

Select your country and fill in the phone number on which you wish to receive messages.

Type your WhatsApp number to create WhatsApp Link

2. Create a customer message (Optional)

Type a message under the 'Custom Message' section. This would be the pre-filled message that the user will see when they reach your WhatsApp after clicking the link.

While creating this, think about what a user might generally type when sending you a message. Preview the message side-by-side to get a feel of how it will look to your customers.


3. Click 'Create Link'

Last, hit the 'Generate Link' button.


That's it!

Share your Free WhatsApp Link with your audience on Social Media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin, Twitter, Pinterest and more. You can also download the QR & add it to your product's packaging to get more traction.

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