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The Whatsapp Business API ofeers the clients with 3 types of chats, which are Actice Chats, Requesting Chats.

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What are Active Chats?

All the chats that are been done by the WhatsApp chatbot come under Active Chats in the AiSensy platform. The chats here means they don’t require any human agent intervention as they are perfectly handled by the chatbot itself. Also, if any new user initiates a chat with the business or replies to a message, the chat appears under the Active Chat section.

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What are Requesting Chats?

Whenever there is a query that the chatbot isn’t able to solve or if they want to speak to a human agent, the chat goes from Active Chats to Requesting Chats. All the chats in this section basically mean they are waiting and need human agent intervention to get their unresolved query solved. Also, all these requesting chats come on the top bar as well so that it is instantaneously seen by the agents. The chatbot is still active and running in Requesting Chats.

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What are Intervened Chats?

Once the Requesting Chats are intervened, they go from Requesting Column to Intervened Column. Here, the chatbot is no more active and it has become a pure Live Chat system. The Agents can reply to the user’s query and once they are done, they just need to click on the ‘Resolve’ button on the top to transfer the chat again to the chatbot. This brings the chat back in the Active column. Similar to Requesting Chats, Intervened Chats also stays in the top bar as well.

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How to Intervene chats?

Once the chat comes to Requesting section, the agent just needs to select a particular chat which they want to intervene in and click on the “Intervene” button which is placed at the bottom of the chat window. Once the query is resolved, Agent just needs to click on the “Resolve” button on the top of the chat window and the chat again gets transferred back to the chatbot.

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