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Whatsapp Business API
Whatsapp Business API: What is it about
Whatsapp Business API: What is it about

What you should know about Whatsapp Business API

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What is Whatsapp Business API?

Facebook launched WhatsApp Business API in August 2018 with a vision for the organizations to scale their business and reach out to users in a much better manner on WhatsApp itself.

WhatsApp Business API allows businesses to perform the following actions:

1. Implementing WhatsApp chatbots and automating responses

2. Sending WhatsApp broadcasts to Unlimited users in one go

3. Sending automated notifications like payment reminders, delivery updates etc. via your own systems/CRM

4. Availing Verified WhatsApp Green Tick on your business account.

5. Managing Multiple Human-Agent Chats on the Same Whatsapp Mobile Number.

But it is just an API, which means businesses will have to develop their own dashboard for Live Chat, Chatbot and Broadcasting messages to their users once they get access to the Official Whatsapp Business API.

Hence, we developed the AiSensy platform which fulfils all these requirements along with lot more features like In-built WhatsApp CRM, Smart Campaign Manager & API-based Campaigns.

How much time does it take to get WhatsApp Business API approved?

Getting Access to the API is a process via an application that Facebook reviews.

You can now directly access WhatsApp Business API from Facebook via WhatsApp Cloud API. But, you'd ultimately still need a platform like AiSensy to use WhatsApp Business API.

AiSensy is a Meta Business Partner (BSP) helping you procure the API within 10 minutes for FREE as well as providing you with the platform so you can use WhatsApp Business API.

Click here to apply for the WhatsApp Business API.

Can I use my Whatsapp Business API account on the Phone?

Yes, the dashboard provided by AiSensy is compatible with both laptops and mobile. So you can use your WhatsApp Business API account on the phone as well.

Can a business have access to multiple WhatsApp Business APIs?

Yes, a business can procure multiple WhatsApp Business APIs for different departments in the business such as Finance, Sales, Customer Support, Procurement, etc. There is one thing to note here, all these WhatsApp Business APIs will be procured on different mobile numbers.

How to make the transition from WhatsApp App to WhatsApp Business API and vice versa?

Any phone number can be upgraded to WhatsApp Business API provided the number isn’t active on any of the WhatsApp Apps. So, if a number is registered on WhatsApp App and one needs to get the API on the same number, the WhatsApp Account must be deleted.

Note - If you don't wish to use WhatsApp Business API, you can downgrade the number & restore it back to WhatsApp Apps.

Here is How you can Delete your Whatsapp Business App before Applying for the API:

1. Open WhatsApp

2. Tap More Options (three dots) > Settings > Account > Delete My Account

3. Enter your phone number in full international format and tap DELETE MY ACCOUNT

4. Select a reason for why you’re deleting your account in the dropdown


Read this WhatsApp Business API guide to know more.

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