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How to give "Read Customer" permission in an existing Shopify App?
How to give "Read Customer" permission in an existing Shopify App?

Steps to enable "Read Customer" permission in Shopify to view order details for individual contacts on the AiSensy App.

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Wish to find out if your Shopify user fulfilled, completed, canceled, or abandoned an order?

The AiSensy App now allows you to view such Order details for individual contacts.

For individual contacts, you can view if the order was fulfilled, completed, abandoned, or canceled.

You can further choose to Retarget users who abandon your cart directly via AiSensy.

To enable this feature, you first need to give "Read Customer" permission in your Shopify store.

This tutorial will show you how to enable this feature.

Before continuing, make sure your Shopify store is connected to AiSensy. If you have not yet done so, check out how to connect your Shopify store with AiSensy.

How to give "Read Customer" permission for an existing Shopify App?

1. In Shopify Store, go to Apps at the bottom left section

First, open your Shopify store & click on Apps at the bottom left menu of the screen.

2. Click 'App & Sales channel settings'

In Apps, open App and sales channel settings as shown in the below image.

3. Click Develop Apps

Next, click develop apps to create a new app.

4. Click Installed AiSensy App

Next, click on your installed AiSensy app to make the necessary changes.

5. Click Review Configuration

6. Tap on Edit

7. Search for "Customer" in the search bar

8. Tick the "Read customers" permission & Press "Save"

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