Now you can schedule all your WhatsApp Broadcast for up to 2 months from the current date easily on AiSensy.

With the WhatsApp Campaign Scheduler, you can:

✅ Schedule Broadcasts way ahead of time across varying timezones

✅ Nail your midnight product launches without sacrificing your sleep

✅ Pre-set Broadcasts to avoid working on holidays & weekends.

Note: You can delete & re-schedule WhatsApp Broadcasts from the Campaigns Page on AiSensy App.

How to schedule Broadcasts on AiSensy App?

1. Go to the Contacts/ Campaigns page & create a Broadcast Campaign

Broadcast Scheduler (2).png

2 Select a pre-approved WhatsApp Template Message

3. Scroll down & enable the Schedule Date & Time option

Enable Scheduler.png

4. Pick a suitable date, time & timezone to schedule the Broadcast

Pick date & time.png

5. Click Schedule Campaign to finish the scheduling process

Pick date & time (1).png

6 Go to Campaigns to Edit Scheduled Broadcasts

7 Edit your Scheduled WhatsApp Broadcasts

To edit your WhatsApp Broadcast, simply go to Campaigns 👉 Click Scheduled 👉 Press the ‘i’ button👉Click ‘Cancel’.

That’s it!

Go to AiSensy App & schedule all your campaigns in advance.

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