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WhatsApp allows businesses to send pre-approved template messages as notifications to users once the business goes live on WhatsApp Business API. These notifications can be account update, payment update, shipping update etc.

AiSensy offers businesses an easy gateway to send notifications and track performance through campaigns. Businesses can even broadcast messages apart from automating them.

In this article, we’re going to see how to send automated messages to users through AiSensy in 3 simple steps.


1. Verified WhatsApp Business API

2. At least one pre-approved template message

3. Tools to make HTTP/S request (We’ll be using Postman in this article).

STEP 1: Create an API campaign

If you haven’t registered for AiSensy, Sign up today.

Go to AiSensy -> Login -> Create a new project or open your existing project -> Campaigns -> Launch campaign -> Select API campaign -> Create your new campaign –> Set your campaign live

There you go, you have created your first API campaign.

STEP 2: Generate API key

Go to AiSensy –> Open your project –> Go to manage page –> Select Generate API key –> Generate you key –> Copy API key

We’ll be using this key while sending notifications. Key must be stored privately for security reasons. You can always regenerate this key.

STEP 3: Send notification to user

We’ll be using the name of the campaign and key from previous steps. To avoid the hassle of configuring messages on the business end, The API is designed to receive the parameters’ values to be filled in templates before sending them to users.

Refer to this to know more about the API fields.

Let’s send our first notification.

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