Adding new contacts just became more seamless & easy. Now you can create a contact directly in AiSensy App without importing a .csv file.

You can easily create new contacts directly from AiSensy Dashboard. With this new feature you’ll be able to:

  • Add contacts without importing .csv file

  • Create new contact directly in AiSensy Dashboard

  • Save valuable time needed to create a .csv file for importing a single contact.

How to add a contact directly on AiSensy App?

  1. Find this feature in the Contacts page of AiSensy App as you can see in the below image. Click Add Contact to add a contact manually.

2. Enter the contact details & press ‘Add Contact’ to manually create the contact in AiSensy App.

That’s it 😉! Go to AiSensy Dashboard now to add contacts manually.

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