How to downgrade WhatsApp Business API Number?

Check out the process to downgrade your WhatsApp Business API number

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The process of downgrading WhatsApp Business API number is different from deleting WhatsApp/ WhatsApp Business App.

To downgrade your WhatsApp Business API number to normal WhatsApp, follow the below 👇

  1. Go to your Facebook Business Manager.

  2. Open Business Settings & choose WhatsApp Accounts from the left panel

  3. If you have multiple WhatsApp Business API accounts, select the one you want to downgrade.

  4. Go to 'Settings' & scroll down & click on 'WhatsApp Manager'.

  5. Click on 'Account Tools' & choose 'Phone Numbers'.

  6. Click the trash bucket icon to downgrade your WhatsApp Business API Account.

After downgrading, wait for a few minutes & log in to your WhatsApp/ WhatsApp Business App.

Note: Downgrading your WhatsApp Business Account is now a Reversible process. You can re-create a WhatsApp Business API account using the same phone number. But, you'll permanently lose all data including messages, contacts & more stored in the WhatsApp Business API account.

If you want to downgrade your number from WhatsApp/ WhatsApp Business app & switch to WhatsApp Business API, check out this article.

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