Q What is Surcharge?

When MAC Usage is greater than Mac Quota, a surcharge (extra charge) is imposed based on the number of exceeding conversations. A surcharge of Rs 750 is imposed on every 1000 additional Monthly Active Contacts (MAC). A surcharge is levied automatically at month-end.

Q Is the surcharge involved with all the plans?

  • A surcharge is only involved with monthly plans whenever the monthly limit exceeds. The surcharge is charged separately on cycle renewal.

  • In the case of a yearly plan, for overhead usage of MAUs, a new yearly plan is started immediately (If not cancelled)

** If the subscription is in the CANCELLED state, the project moves to the cancelled state and access to the dashboard is revoked.

Q How is the surcharge calculated?

Surcharge purchases are block-wise. Each block of Additional MAUs has 1000 additional active users.

The price for each MAU block is:

  • $15 for USD pricing

  • ₹750 for INR pricing


Suppose a 2000MAC plan renews with the usage of 2200 MAU

- Additional usage : 2200 - 2000 = 200 MAU

- No. of MAU blocks needed: 1

So at renewal additional charge of ₹750 or $15 is added to the invoice.

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