WhatsApp recently shifted from template-based pricing to Conversation based pricing. In Conversation based pricing, WhatsApp charges businesses based on conversations clocked in a 24-hour period.

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Q What are WhatsApp Conversations?

A Conversation means when a business messages a user (thus initiating the Conversation) or replies in response to a user's message. All incoming messages from users are FREE and only chargeable if the business responds to the user's message.

Q What are WhatsApp Conversational Credits?

Conversation credits are charged against the creation of every new conversation.

Conversations are of two types-

  • User-Initiated

    When a business texts a user in response to a user's message within 24 hours of the user's message, the conversation is user-initiated.

  • Business-Initiated

    When the business sends the first message (only pre-approved template messages are allowed), the conversation is business-initiated.

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Q When are conversation credits charged?

  • Whenever the business sends a message, either in response to a user's message or to initiate a conversation, the business has to pay for a conversation.

  • Both user-initiated & business-initiated conversations have separate charges!

  • User-initiated conversations cost 35p/ conversation (for Indian users).

  • While Business-initiated conversations cost 55p/ conversation (for Indian users).

Q Why do I see a Low Conversation Credit Message?

Whenever the conversation credits are less than 10₹(for INR pricing)/ 1$(for USD pricing), you need to recharge the conversation credits to send messages. Without recharging, you will be restricted to:

  • Intervene and send new messages to users

  • Create new Broadcast campaigns

  • Trigger API campaigns

Q How do I recharge Conversation Credit?

If you are a project owner, you'll see a similar section on the Dashboard page or in the Billings section as shown in the above image.

** Agents/Managers can contact the project owner for the recharge.

Q Why do I need to separately recharge Conversation Credits apart from platform pricing?

Charges for WhatsApp Conversation Credits (WCCs) are levied directly by WhatsApp, acting as their main source of revenue from WhatsApp Business API.

But, there's another separate cost charged by the WhatsApp partner for providing you the platform, services & assistance so that you can use the WhatsApp Business API for your organization.

  • You can start with the AiSensy Platform for as low as Rs 999/ month for the Basic Unlimited users' plan. This means that you can send messages to Unlimited users by only paying Rs 999/ charged monthly.

  • There's also a Pro-plan that costs Rs 2399/ month which includes all features of the basic pan & offers additional features like Broadcast Scheduler, Click-tracking (upcoming), Campaign Budget & up to 100 Tags & 20 Attributes.

Explore features included in both pricing plans here.

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