What are Monthly Active Users (MAUs)?

Monthly Active Users stand for the number of unique conversations per month. You are charged for the number of unique users you interact with every month/ year using AiSensy.

There are separate charges based on the number of Monthly Active Users (MAUs). Check out the pricing here.

What is the MAU Quota in AiSensy App?

MAU Quota is the limited quota of unique Monthly Active Contacts (MAC) for a limited time period.

  • Yearly Plan's MAU Quota is the number of unique Active Contacts allowed for that year, exceeding which initiates billing for another year, effective immediately.

  • Monthly Plan's MAU Quota resets each month, exceeding which leads to an additional surcharge based on the number of extra contacts for that month.

What is Surcharge & how is it levied?

When MAU Usage is greater than Mac Quota, a surcharge or extra charge is levied based on the number of exceeded MAUs. A surcharge of Rs 750 is imposed on every 1000 additional Monthly Active Contacts (MAU).

What is the Dunning process in Billing?

When your payment fails in AiSensy App, you begin seeing a reminder in the AiSensy App to complete the payment to continue using AiSensy services.

This usually happens when a customer doesn’t have enough funds in their account to make a purchase or their credit card has been declined.

AiSensy provides you with 5 Repayment tries after which your account gets suspended & the project will be deleted.

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