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This is Masterclass is designed for all who wish to explore the field of Chatbot Development and Build Excellent Chatbots for Web and Whatsapp

This Series Contains a set of Video content of over 7+ Hours of Content that will guide you step by step on Chatbot Development and tips and tricks on Selling them too!

Before you scroll down further, read this WhatsApp Chatbot guide to get started!

Let’s start with an Introduction

Here is a Quick Intro to How we Started Teaching Chatbot Development and Why Should you Actually go through this training Course. In a Crisp note, We have been in the Chatbot Industry since 2017 and in all these years of Experience, we bring the juice to you in these videos, So that you don’t have to go through the struggle we went through to learn everything about Chatbots.

Introduction to A.I. Based Chatbots

Chatbots are becoming the face of businesses, Here is a Quick Video on how you should think about Chatbots.

Why and Where are Chatbots Used?

Well, Everywhere – Customer Service, Sales, Information, Everywhere – Still You Should Watch This Video so as to understand how Chatbots are upgrading to becoming the favourites of each industry!

Future of Chatbots

It’s Important to Understand, What’s Coming in the Near Future!

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