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What all lead details the AiSensy WhatsApp CRM contains?

The AiSensy WhatsApp CRM contains all the necessary lead information that is essential for the user qualification and which will also be used to segregate the audience up to multiple levels in order to send targeted campaigns. It contains Name, Mobile, Tags, Source, Last Active, Created At, State, First Message Tag and all the Attributes assigned to the user via the chatbot.

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Can I change the tags of the user from the contact page itself?

Yes, new tags can be added and old tags can be removed from a group of the audience selected using the filters. It can be done individually as well. The procedure is the select the audience segment or individual contacts and clicks on the “Manage Tags” button. From here, tags can be removed and new tags can be added.

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Does the lead fields/attributes map in real time in Contacts Page?

Yes, all the entries are mapped in real time in Contacts Page. There is no delay.

How do I save contacts in AiSensy?

The contact details of all the incoming users are saved automatically in the AiSensy WhatsApp CRM as soon as they sends a message to WhatsApp Business API number of the business. Moreover, if the business needs to send a broadcast campaign to the leads collected from contact forms and various other sources apart from WhatsApp, a CSV file can be imported and all the contacts will get saved.

Can the contacts be imported/exported?

Yes, the contacts can be imported and exported in CSV format.

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