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What is the eligibility criteria for WhatsApp Green Tick?

Following is the eligibility criteria to apply for the WhatsApp Green Tick for your Business:

1. You must be using WhatsApp API Approved Business Account.

2. You must enable 2 Step Authentication.

3. Facebook Business Manager should be verified by Facebook.

4. Must be a business (Individuals are not allowed as of now).

5. Recommended you are in Tier 2 or above messaging level.

6. Must be a notable and reputed brand.

Note: Providing Green Tick to a business is entirely the decision of WhatsApp. The role of the WhatsApp Business API vendor/service provider is to pass on the Green Tick application of the Business to WhatsApp. They are not the decision makers.

Will I get that WhatsApp Green tick if I apply for Whatsapp Business API?

There is a separate application for the WhatsApp Green Tick. You won’t get the Green Tick as soon as you go live on the Official WhatsApp Business API. Team AiSensy will submit the WhatsApp Green Tick application once the business becomes eligible for it.

Check out how to Apply for WhatsApp green Tick Verification.

Can I use my Whatsapp Business API account without the WhatsApp Green tick?

Yes, you can use your Whatsapp Business API without the WhatsApp Green tick. The green tick doesn’t affect the functionalities and benefits you get with the API. It just shows that your business profile is verified by WhatsApp. You can still use all the API features without the Green tick.

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