Display Name Rules you need to know if using whatsapp business API.

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What is a display name?

The display name is the name that your users can see once they open your WhatsApp Business API account profile. It is similar to any name we assign for our WhatsApp Apps.

How to select a Display Name?

The Display Name should have a relationship with your business and should not violate the WhatsApp Commerce & Business policies. Check here for complete details. The display name should abide by all these rules otherwise the display name gets rejected.

Can I change the Display Name anytime?

Yes, you can change a Display name multiple times. Here's a guide to changing your WhatsApp Display Name.

Will the same display name goes in the Green Tick form?

Yes, the green tick is assigned with the same display name. Hence, it’s really important to choose the Display Name wisely. But you also get an option of proving an alternative name for the Green Tick.

Can the display name be specific to any department of the company?

Yes, it can be specific to particular department(s) of the company such as Finance, Sales, Customer Support, etc.

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